The Great War. They say that this war is what created our world. Noone even remembers why it started, or who started it; the only thing we know are the major players involved. The Elements themselves took up arms in this conflict, with the Avatars of Wind and Water sided against those of Earth and Fire. How long it lasted isn’t known, but it’s said to have ended over two-thousand years ago.

That’s the story your mother tells you, at least.

Regardless of any of that, don’t be concerned about The Fog. None can say what’s below it. Plenty have tried to get through it, some have been mad enough to just jump from the edge of their land and fall through it, though pretty much all of them were from the lower lands. Needless to say, not one came back, dead or alive. And as long as you keep your ships bow aimed upwards, none of this matters to you. Yes, it’s a little hick fief at the bottom of the world, but it’s our only blind spot between Perd and Is’hona. Once we take it, Slim and his dogs won’t have any way to sneak past us, and we can finally take that pirate scum down.

Visibility will be limited, and we can’t bring the dragonriders that close to the veil, so use your caster flares and always keep an eye forward. Fly well, Soldiers, and keep your wits about you.

- Major General Aerien Shinghfield, Commander of the 3rd Cerrian Fleet. Before the Battle of Chetur.

Piercing the Veil

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